Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Courts and Justice 2013

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"Man allegedly follows GPS directions to wrong house; shot dead"
CNET Jan 29, 2013

"25-year-old tape’s revelation prompts prosecutors to offer mid-trial plea deal"
ABAJ Feb 19, 2013

"US judge receives 28-year jail term for his role in kids-for-cash kickbacks"
Independent April 2013

"Many killers who go free with Florida 'stand your ground' law have history of violence"
TB Times

"Victims of forced sterilization awarded $10 million compensation from North Carolina as state tries to put 'darkest chapter' behind it"
Daily Mail Jul 26

"Mass. chemist pleads guilty in drug lab scandal"
" . . . who admitted faking test results in criminal cases pleaded guilty . . . "

"College student forgotten in DEA cell for nearly 5 days gets $4M settlement"

"Free at last: Five headline-making exonerations"

"Yemeni president pardons reporter Obama wanted kept in jail"
McClatchy 2013 

"Marissa Alexander Update: Fla. woman serving 20 years in prison for firing "warning shot" gets new trial"

"US government report reveals sexual abuse in immigration detentions"
Jurist Nov 21

"Drug dealer used 'stand your ground' to avoid charges in two killings"
TBT Jun 2012 

"Woman dies on courthouse floor without medical aid after arrest over unpaid ticket, suit says"  
ABAJ May 20

"Louis Taylor Served 42 Years for Arson Murders that Fire Investigators Now Believe Was Not Arson"
Innoc Proj April 2

"Michael Morton Prosecutor Will Face Criminal Charges for Withholding Evidence"
Innoc Proj April 19

"Study: One-fifth of designated drivers impaired behind wheel" 
CBS 2013

"Death Row Inmate Who Killed Self Days Before Execution Didn’t Know Of Appeal To Delay" 

CBS Cleveland

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