Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Healthcare Erhics & Crime 2013

"Former hospital lab tech gets 39 years for infecting patients with hepatitis C"

Doctor and nurse at trial in murder case over Hep C transmission at endoscopy clinics"  
ABAJ May 8 

"Doctor gets life in hepatitis murder case, could win parole after 18 years"

"Abortion Doctor Convicted Of Murder in Baby Deaths" WSJ May 13

"4 On Your Side investigates traffic stop nightmare"
" . . . officers . . . secured a search warrant from a judge that allowed for an anal cavity search . . . "

KOB Nov 5

"Caught Up in a Medicare Drug Fraud"

"Big Pharma’s Big Fines""Last year, five pharmaceutical companies agreed to pay nearly $5.5 billion . . . "

"Veterans dying from overmedication"

"US Cardiologist Admits to Ordering $19 Million in Unnecessary Testing" 
Medscape April 11  

"Victims of forced sterilization awarded $10 million compensation from North Carolina as state tries to put 'darkest chapter' behind it"
Daily Mail Jul 26

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