Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Must Reads

VIDEO "Virginia man who died in police custody tased repeatedly, new video shows" "Disturbing video shows what happened in the minutes leading up to the death of Linwood Lambert in 2013. Officers in South Boston, Virginia say they took Lambert to a hospital to get medical help, but things quickly spiraled out of control. VPC" Nov 2015
"Woman dies while being kicked out of hospital"
Dec 2015
" . . . But Dawson thought that she needed to stay for additional care.
When she refused to leave, hospital staff called the Blountstown Police Department, . . .
Officers placed her under arrest on charges of disorderly conduct and trespassing, handcuffed her and escorted her out of the hospital. Dawson collapsed while walking to the officer's car, he said."
"Michigan woman's dog mauling death ruled a suicide" "Officer who killed unarmed parole violator not indicted" "N.J. cop says he shouldn't be fired for sex on duty" "For 55 officers involved in fatal shootings this year, it wasn’t their first time" "Jackpot-Fixing Investigation Expands to More State Lotteries" "Trooper charged after man drowns in custody" "Three Houston-area children in four days accidentally shoot themselves" "Cop in Sexting Case Kills Himself to Avoid Arrest" "HE WAS ACCUSED OF INAPPROPRIATE CONTACT WITH CHILDREN"
"Leaked Documents Show Alabama Police Planted Drugs, Guns on Innocent Black Men in Decades-long Scheme" "Members of a specialized narcotics team operating in Alabama have been accused of planting drugs and weapons on innocent young black men in a series of wide-ranging abuses spanning nearly two decades, an article in the Henry County Report has revealed. According to documents obtained by the Alabama Justice Project, up to 12 officers working in the Dothan Police Department’s narcotics squad reportedly participated in the scheme—which began in 1996—and specifically targeted young black men. Most of the young men were subsequently prosecuted and imprisoned, with some still incarcerated. Moreover, the findings indicate that the initial results of an internal investigation into the abuses were suppressed by ranking officers among the police department’s leadership, including former Police Chief John White, current Police Chief Steve Parrish, then-Sgt. Andy Hughes, who is now the assistant director of Homeland Security for the State of Alabama, as well as District Attorney Doug Valeska. . . . " "Ex-sheriff's deputy charged in 2 Ohio killings surrenders" "Former Oklahoma City cop convicted on rape charges" " . . . convicted Thursday of raping and sexually victimizing eight women on his police beat in a minority, low-income neighborhood. . . . convicted him on 18 counts involving eight of the 13 women who had accused him; the jury acquitted him on another 18 counts." "Chicago releases video of police using Taser on man in cell who later died"
"No Charges Against Chicago Officer Who Shot Black Man in Back" "Newly released video shows suspect fleeing police"
"Man hugged girl, 7, at soccer practice, then killed her"

"Tragic deaths of home-schooled kids rarely lead to changes"
"A Detroit brother and sister vanished more than two years before they were found dead in a freezer in their home, and an 11-year-old Florida girl disappeared more than a year before she, too, turned up in a family freezer. And a 7-year-old Kansas boy hadn't been seen for more than a month before authorities found the gruesome remains of a child in a pigsty inside his family's barn.
All of them were home-schooled, but despite their disappearances going unnoticed for so long,  . . . "
"Chicago shooting video tampered with, Burger King manager says" "Missouri supreme court rules to dismiss death row inmate's murder convictions" "Reggie Clemons will be removed from death row, as judges ruled evidence was suppressed in 1991 case though state must now decide whether to retry him" "U.S. judges see 'epidemic' of prosecutorial misconduct in state" (CA) "Arabic speaker briefly kept off flight after complaint" ' . . . “We came to America to have a better life,” Khalil explained on Friday. “Everybody in America is from different countries. I’m one of them. I’m an American citizen.” . . . "
"Father shoots twin babies dead in mother's arms"

"Baby dies after siblings put her in oven, turn it on"  PA: "Bill That Bars Release Of Officers Involved In Shooting Investigations Passes State House" "Florida cop turns up drunk to collect Mothers Against Drunk Driving award" " . . .
So wasted, according to an internal affairs investigation, that he was found wandering in a hotel hallway stripped to his underwear. He also was described as "staggeringly drunk" by a witness  . . . "
"Jeb Bush says he would kill baby Hitler if he could travel in time"


"Lisa Mearkle, Pennsylvania cop who fatally shot motorist in back, cleared of all charges"

"Despite guilty plea and 50-year term, many in small town support child molester, not victim"

"Federal appeals court refuses to block bulk phone data collection"  

"Study finds human DNA in hot dogs, meat in veggie dogs"


"Deputy on leave after video from classroom surfaces"

"4-Year-Old Girl Shot and Killed in New Mexico Road Rage Incident"

"2 deputies and nurse acquitted of manslaughter in death of inmate strapped to chair and shocked"

"Idaho's ban on undercover animal abuse videos struck down by federal judge"

"Federal judge allows Texas officials to deny birth certificates to children of immigrants"

"Hypnosis Scandal: Florida Principal Hypnotized Three Students Who Died Soon After, School Pays $600,000 Settlement"

"Self-described drunken driver live-streams video while behind wheel and is charged with DUI"

"Animal store owner crushed by python"

"NJ court broadens police authority in warrantless car searches" 

"Teen Dies in Police Custody After Citing Breathing Problems" 

"Drug Company Raises Price of Daraprim from $13.50 Per Tablet to $750 Overnight"

"Meadville beats DuBois 107-90 in high school football; back runs for 722 yards"

"Pittsburgh Postmaster Accused Of Opening Mail, Threatening Employees"

"Dirty FBI Agent Gets 5 Years for International Bribery Scheme" 

"3 Santa Clara County correctional deputies are arrested in inmate's death" 

"Video Appears to Show Texas Deputies Shot Man With Hands Up"

"Police Snap Up Cheap Cellphone Trackers"

"Local law-enforcement agencies are buying cellphone-tracking devices that are cheaper and smaller than earlier systems, partly because they might not require court orders." 

"3 California Highway Patrol officers, 6 others charged in killing"

"Prominent defense lawyer who ran for district attorney accused of orchestrating man's disappearance and murder"

"VIDEO | Woman who died in jail: "I don't want to die in your cell"

"Drone Dropping Drugs Over Prison Yard Sparks Brawl at Mansfield Correctional Institution in Ohio"

"L.A. officer gets prison for assaulting woman who died"

" . . . sentenced to 36 months behind bars, but the judge suspended 20 months of her term.  . . . 
 . . O'Callaghan is white, and Thomas black."
" . . . Mary O'Callaghan, 50, an LAPD officer for 18 years, was sentenced to 36 months behind bars, but the judge suspended 20 months of her term. Her attorney, Robert Rico, said that with credit for good behavior, she could be out in 4½ months, the Los Angeles Times reported.
Last month, O'Callaghan was convicted of felony assault under color of authority after dashboard video showed her hitting 35-year-old Alesia Thomas in the throat and kicking her in the groin and midsection. O'Callaghan is white, and Thomas black."

"New details in Sandra Bland death investigation in Waller County Jail cell" 

“Texas mom arrested, left kids at mall food court during interview 30 ft. away” 
“Browder said she wasn’t more than 30 feet away from her children at any point and they were always in her line of sight. After Browder returned to her children, a police officer was on scene and arrested her.”

"A Harvard Law School graduate and former U.S. Marine has been linked with the mysterious "Gone Girl" kidnapping case in Vallejo, which was previously deemed a hoax. An arrest warrant has been issued for Matthew Muller, 38, in connection to the bizarre abduction case." 

"Report: FBI overstated hair matches in trials"
"The Justice Department and FBI have acknowledged for the first time that for more than 20 years before 2000, almost every examiner in the FBI's elite microscopic hair comparison unit gave flawed testimony in trials, The Washington Post reported.

"Cancer doctor prescribed thousands of abnormal chemotherapy dosages, says oncology expert"

"Man Shoots off Firework From Top of His Head, Dies Instantly"

"Justice eludes wrongfully convicted man freed from prison"

"Ex-prosecutor is disbarred for his role in capital murder conviction of innocent man"

"Ohio sheriff: Hit man killed wrong person with target's name"

"Cleveland Police Officer Found Not Guilty in Unarmed Couple's Shooting Deaths"
" . . . 13 officers who fired a total of 137 times into the couple's car . . . "
" . . . an officer tried pulling over Russell for a turn signal violation. His car backfired while speeding away, . "

"Southwest passenger says she was banned from making call that might've saved husband from suicide"

"Woman Gets Life Sentence in Granddaughter's Running Death"
"An Alabama woman convicted of running her 9-year-old granddaughter to death as punishment for lying about candy was sentenced Monday to life in prison without the possibility of parole.  . . . "

"Death Toll Tied to GM Faulty Ignition Switch Hits 100"

"Holes in NFL’s ‘Deflategate’ Report"

"Colts’ Underinflated Balls"
"Three of the four Colts’ balls were underinflated"
" . . . while the Patriots’ footballs were deflated in the first half, the Colts’ balls were deflated in both the first half and second half."

"Watch: San Francisco woman's violent encounter with BART police"

"Prosecutors Ask for Prison for 2 Officers in Taser Case"
"Two former small town police officers in South Carolina should spend at least a year in prison for shocking a mentally disabled woman at least eight times with a Taser without giving her time to follow their orders, federal prosecutors say. . . . "

"Freddie Gray not the first to come out of Baltimore police van with serious injuries"

"Texas cop knocks drunken suspect unconscious with violent takedown on pavement as daughter, 6, watches"

"Pregnant restaurant worker fired after armed robbery"
"A fast food restaurant is robbed and the shift manager says she got fired for refusing to pay the money back."

"Cops in small Missouri town greet black mayor with resignations"

"Protests intensify after Baltimore suspect's death"
" . . . suffered a broken vertebrae . . . "
"Freddie Gray, 25, suffered a broken vertebrae in an apparent scuffle with city police officers April 12, according to a lawyer for his family. Video taken by a bystander does not show the injury take place, but does show police officers dragging Gray to a police van. Gray is heard crying out in pain.
Police say they called emergency medical staff to care for Gray at the police station 30 minutes after the arrest. Gray's family lawyer, William Murphy, says it was far longer than that. . . "

"Another case of motorist shot in back by cop gains notice"
"HARRISBURG, Pa. - The video from the camera attached to the officer's stun gun shows how David Kassick died, authorities say: two bullets, four seconds apart, fired into his back as he lay face down.

"Tulsa reserve deputy charged with manslaughter"

"California sheriff suspends 10 deputies following brutal beating of suspected horse thief"

"Video Cited in Murder Charges Shows Officer Shooting Driver"

"Man jailed in double-homicide case sues Chicago, says surveillance showed a different shooter"
"A man who says he spent nearly two years in jail, based on false statements for a double-murder he did not commit, has sued the City of Chicago and 13 police detectives.
A nearby surveillance camera caught the shooter in the act of committing the June 17, 2012 crime on the city’s Northwest Side, and the man looked nothing like him, says plaintiff Ramiro Bahena in the Cook County Circuit Court suit he filed on Wednesday. . . "

"Alabama death row inmate to be freed after nearly 30 years"

"Pack of Stray Dogs Stand Guard at Animal Lover's Funeral"
" . . . these stray dogs were not even the same ones that her 71-year-old mother had helped during her lifetime. Suárez lived in Merida Yucatan, but her funeral service was in a town more than 830 miles away, her daughter said. . . . "

"Michigan Police Beat Unarmed Black Man During Traffic Stop"

"Calif. AG asks judge to halt initiative to kill gays"
"California Attorney General Kamala Harris asked a state court Wednesday for an order allowing her to avoid processing a citizen-proposed anti-gay ballot measure that calls for executing gays with "bullets to the head." . . . "

"Arizona Woman on Death Row for Two Decades Speaks Out After Exoneration"

"Freed after 20 years, man gets $20M; another whose DNA doesn't match linked murder is still jailed"
"An Illinois man who was exonerated in a 1992 child-murder case after being tried and convicted three times and serving nearly 20 years . . .

An appeals court in 2012 reversed his third conviction, based on DNA evidence that excluded Rivera and linked another suspect to the rape and murder of Holly Staker, 11,  . . .

Meanwhile, DNA from the same unknown individual in Staker’s case also was found on a two-by-four used in another fatal attack . . . but only Marvin Williford has been convicted. He is serving an 80-year sentence.

On Tuesday, prosecutors told a Lake County judge that Williford should not be released  . . . "

"Watch: Car crashes into pizza shop with woman on hood"

"Racist, Homophobic Texts Revealed Between San Francisco Police Officers"
"An investigation is underway into dozens of racist and homophobic texts allegedly sent between San Francisco police officers amidst a corruption case against one of the cops.

The racist messages were reportedly found by prosecutors during the investigation of a corruption case against Sgt. Ian Furminger, the one officer named."

"Man Accidentally Shoots Self to Death While Riding Bicycle"

"Sorry, Ecstasy, Meth Are Illegal Again in Ireland"
"Only a day after accidentally legalizing some recreational drugs, Ireland has passed new legislation that clearly states the possession of drugs including ecstasy and crystal meth is illegal."

"Florida to get $5.6M from DaVita kickback settlement"

"Do dumber guys drink more?"
" . . . the lower a young man's IQ, the more likely he is to get drunk."

"Video Purportedly Shows Frat Members Singing Racist Chant"
"The University of Oklahoma and the national board of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity said tonight they are investigating a video that purportedly shows members of the fraternity's OU chapter singing a racist chant.

The video . . .  shows young men on a bus chanting "There will never be a n----r at SAE." . . . "

"Man burned by fajitas while praying can't sue Applebee's"

"Woman accidentally kills self adjusting bra holster"

"Man, 76, goes to jail for 9 days for feeding cats; advocacy group hopes to rewrite law"

"Man free after 30 years says 'It's just scary to be out'"
" . . .more than 100 apparent wrongful convictions exposed in Cook County  . . . "

"Driver Allegedly Beaten as St. Louis Police Officer Turns Off Dash Cam"
"Police dash cam video released as a result of a lawsuit claiming excessive force appears to show St. Louis police officers allegedly beating up a driver before one of the cops tells another officer to "hold up" so they can turn the video off.
The incident happened in April 2014, when Cortez Bufford was pulled over, accused of speeding and making an illegal U-turn, Bufford's attorney Joel Schwartz told ABC News. . . . "

"Cop Who Partially Paralyzed Indian Man Arrested"

"Alabama Minister Arrested for Disorderly Conduct After Trying to Officiate Gay Marriage"

"NYPD rookie cop Peter Liang indicted in shooting of unarmed man Akai Gurley" 

"Suspected drunk driver catches fire after police Tase him"

" . . .  listed in critical condition . . . "

"Rickey Wyatt Fully Exonerated, Becoming 325th Person Cleared by DNA"  


"After Video Surfaces, Philly Cops Charged in Man's Beating Case"
"A surveillance video was critical in helping authorities file assault charges recently against two Philadelphia police officers accused of brutally beating a city man and then falsifying their arrest reports."

"Man Freed From Prison to Get Toyota Payout" 
"A Minnesota man imprisoned for vehicular homicide but released after a series of ABC News reports on an apparent defect in some Toyota models will now receive hundreds of thousands of dollars from the car manufacturer, part of a multi-million . . . "

"NTSB: Selfies led to fatal Colo. plane crash"
"Medical Motive Behind the $1 Bank Robbery" 
"James Verone said he hoped his $1 bank robbery would earn him a three-year jail sentence, during which he could undergo surgery on his back and his foot and have a painful lump on his chest diagnosed and treated. After that, the 59-year-old from Gastonia, N.C., would move to Myrtle Beach to collect his social security, he told local reporters."

VIDEO   "Seattle cop reassigned after questionable arrest, racially charged comments"
"Police chief "shocked and disappointed" after elderly man's arrest for carrying golf club and officer's Facebook comments"


"Video shows Seattle police spraying teacher at MLK rally" 
"Jesse Hagopian says right after giving a speech about Martin Luther King Jr at a rally, police pepper sprayed him. Elisa Hahn reports."

"WVU Student in Frat Death Had Blood Alcohol Six Times Legal Limit"

" . . . blindfolded and . . . given a bottle of liquor,"
" . . . were blindfolded and then taken to another house where they were presented to the "Big," a senior member or alumnus of Kappa Sigma, and given a bottle of liquor, Preston said."


"HeadSmart Labs "DeflateGate" Study"
"The study indicated that the pressure in the footballs . . could have dropped 1.95 PSI from weather and field conditions alone."

"Flint water problems: Switch aimed to save $5 million -- but at what cost?"

" . . the city told customers it was in violation of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act . . "


San Francisco, California cop tries to push man in wheelchair into street"
" . . .  on video allegedly trying to shove a wheelchair-bound man off a curb face first  . . . " 

"Two-Year-Old Fatally Shoots Self With Father's Gun in Florida"  
"Sheriff Bob Gualtieri  . . . Gualtieri told the station he doesn't believe charging the father is appropriate."


"Teenager poses as doctor for over a month at Florida hospital" 

"New police radars can 'see' inside homes""Doctors’ association settles kickback case with state, feds for $1.8 million"

"9-month-old boy fatally shot by 5-year-old brother" 

"Man unlikely to face charges after allegedly shooting police chief"

"The police chief is black, and the suspect is white." 
"The man who allegedly shot an Oklahoma police chief four times during an attempted arrest likely won't face criminal charges. . . . "   

"North Miami police use faces of black men as targets" 
"Defense contractor pleads guilty in massive bribery case" 

"Scandal-plagued Virginia politician reelected while serving jail time" 
" . . . conviction in the scandal involving his 17-year-old secretary, whose nude photo was found on his cellphone . . . "
" . . . The young woman, who denies they had sex, is now pregnant. . . .  "
" . . . The 57-year-old bachelor, who fathered three children out of wedlock with three different women, repeatedly won at least 70 percent of the vote . . . "

' "Troubling deficiencies" cited in handling NYPD chokehold cases ' 
"The inspector general's probe of 10 suspected chokehold cases in the past five years found that the review board substantiated all of the chokehold claims and recommended disciplining the officers. But the Police Department did not pursue discipline in most of the cases, according to the report. Instead, most of the officers were instructed on department policy. . . . "

"1-year-old puts handgun in mouth in video"
"An Indiana couple faces charges"'Police say the man and the girl's 22-year-old mother can be heard encouraging the toddler to say "pow"'


"Mother and teen fight Connecticut over forced chemotherapy"  
"The state of Connecticut is forcing a teenager with cancer to receive chemotherapy, a treatment she doesn't want. That has spawned an ongoing legal battle, as 17-year-old Cassandra says she deserves to make her own decisions about her life. Don Dahler sat down with the girl's mother, Jackie Fortin."

"Imprisoned by a lie; set free by the truth"

Jan 2015
"Charges dropped against man Pittsburgh police shot, paralyzed"
"Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. announced Friday that prosecutors will withdraw the remaining charges against a man police shot and paralyzed during a traffic stop two years ago.
In September, a jury acquitted Leon Ford, 21, of aggravated assault but deadlocked on five other counts related to the November 2012 traffic stop in Highland Park in which a Pittsburgh police officer shot and paralyzed him. . . . "


"Female US cop caught on tape giving two women body cavity search during routine traffic stop... and 'using the SAME gloves on both'"

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